Real Estate Opportunities

How would you like to wake up to this view? Check out our FEATURED PROPERTY, a magnificent home on 49 acres looking over Williams Fork Reservoir. 

Also available...

394 acres adjacent to the home with a well, power, natural gas, and phone lines ready to go for several home sites. Or, leave it vacant and enjoy the privacy of your own waterfront ranch! Click HERE to find out more about this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Both of these properties offer incredible views, no conservation easements, and exclusive access to additional public lands owned by Denver Water and the BLM. 

The Sylvan Reservoir

This privately owned, 50+ surface acre reservoir, lies on 130 acres adjacent to national forest, with an additional 40 acres of BLM under the reservoir.  Fed by the 76.8 cfs right from the Little Muddy, as well as year round sustainable springs on the bottom, this reservoir is the perfect combination of breathtaking beauty and stored water with historical consumptive use.  The ditch/reservoir right was appropriated in 1907 for 1133.74 acre/ft absolute and 1133.74 acre/ft conditional.  The current owner will keep 400 acre/feet of the absolute right and convey 700 ac/ft absolute and the entire 1133.74 ac/ft conditional right. Contact Us for additional information on this once in a lifetime opportunity!